Email Queries on Bonus Points

Dear All, We received the following email query from a Leader regarding the Bonus points and penalty surrounding the Patrol constituents submission. I would like to take this opportunity to share my response and thoughts so that you will better understand the standpoint and rationale of my team and I. Read more…

By David W., ago

Re-open of Registration

For those who have submitted the names of the patrol by the deadline (21 April 2018), we thank you for your active participation; you will receive a bonus 1% for this! However, we do notice that some of you might not have submitted the names of the patrol within the stipulated time. After Read more…

By Wei Yung Lim, ago


The Singapore Scouts Association is pleased to announce that NPC X is now available for sign ups! When? NPC X will have two phases: Pre camp phase: Apr 18 Main camp phase: 15- 19 Nov 18 Where? Sarimbun Scouts Camp How? Please sign up your unit through the MSDS at Read more…

By Bobby Yee, ago