The 10th iteration of the National Patrol Camp will be held this year. In keeping with the tradition and namesake of
the camp, Scout Troops from across Singapore will send their choice patrol to Sarimbun Scout Camp to showcase
their Scoutcraft and interaction with other participants. It is a camp where Scouts are challenged to do their best
while keeping true to the spirit of the Scout Promise and Law.

With the revised Youth Programme, the Camp will see the following key revisions to the camp programme:

1. Collaborative competition: Besides the usual patrol-based assessment, sub-camps and cluster of patrols will
work together on projects and challenges for group assessment.

2. Non-technical components: While the focus of the camp is still on Scoutcraft, the assessment rubrics have been
broadened to take into account non-technical aspects such as progression, team dynamics and 21CC Scouting.

3. Resource support: The camp committee and Areas will work together to provide training resources to support
units participating in the Camp so that every unit will have the same opportunity to do their best. This would
also mean that points will be given for active involvement in the pre-camp phase.

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